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Kitchen Splashback Trends

The number 1 guide to the latest kitchen splashback trends of 2019.

Veritable treasure trove of features

Named after the Hindi word for “treasure”, The Khazana by New Choice Homes is a display all about luxury and affordability.

District Zoning a Plus

The Marina is a home designed to grow with the needs of a young family, featuring four good-sized bedrooms and a luxurious entertainment hub to make day-to-day living a breeze.

Guest Blog from Kara – Exterior Palettes

It’s about choosing finishes that are true to what you love, with a few guidelines to help you along the way.

Relishing in rose gold

Our excellent suppliers Reece Bathrooms and European Ceramics have nailed it by introducing their amazing products in highly on trend metallic and rose gold colours.

Planning Essentials: Zoning & the Kitchen Triangle

The key principle underpinning functional kitchen design for many, many years has been centred around the concept of ‘the working triangle’.

8 tips to stay green & save money when moving house

Moving house can be an expensive and waste intensive activity, beginning with the belongings, boxes and packing material that end up in landfill, straight through to the large moving trucks and harsh cleaners that are used during the process.

5 DIY Projects to Personalise your Backyard

Everyone wants their home to really feel like their own, here are five fun DIY projects to make your backyard shine.

How to: Create a healthy bathroom

Bathrooms are one of the most used and important rooms when you are looking at building or buying a new home.

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